Grape Street: Priming, Painting, and Sanding... OH MY!

Let's dive in with a non-comprehensive DIY weekend recap!

First up: picking paint colors. All of the colors are Benjamin Moore. I was between Gray Horse (the green looking one on the far right) and Cement Gray (the lower left with CG next to it). The New Hope Gray (labeled NH in the picture) was so blue and I was dissapointed. I also like Whitestone, but felt it might be a little too stark for all of that surface area. Gray Horse was just too green in all that space and so we actually used it for the master bedroom (and got the first coat of it up last night. Note: pay the extra $6 for the BEN paint that is paint and primer in one... it goes on easier than the eggshell for $32 and is just richer in color).

Our choice.... CEMENT GRAY for the living, dining and hallways.



Above: This is me spackling over where the old heating unit used to be. We have traded it out of the Nest. It was super easy to do and looks AWESOME!

Below: We also moved the wires up a little bit since we are tall people. LB fished the wires through using a ziptie after he cut the hole where he wanted it. We also changed out the light fixture plate that is right above the heating unit now because, as you might be able to tell, the plate was pretty beat up. That bad boy is for our life saving in the summer time attic fan... open a few windows and allow all the hot air to rise and dissapear. LOVE.


Ahhhh... my office. With the biggest transformation this weekend. The beadboard was painted GRAY! WHAT!? It took two SOLID coats of white paint to get this bad boy back to white. We also primed it (the second picture) and finished painting it yesterday. We went with Palladian Blue in an eggshell finish (unfortunately, the $32 can) by Benjamin Moore in my office and once I get that Frog Tape up, I can't wait to share.


Shot of the office all primed for paint and LB sanding the cabinets with a not very nice gesture.


OH! And this is us!!! HOMEOWNERS! You almost can't see my braces. :)