A HUGE transition is upon us. Yesterday during a training, my boss turned around and we had the following conversation: Me: "L. We have to move."

L: "Are you being evicted?"

Me: "KIND OF!"


So while it is funny, truly, because obviously we are not getting evicted it sort of feels that way. You see, we have been in the same little house (emphasis on little <800 square feet) since we moved to Denver 3 1/2 years ago. We have paid $1200 a month for our little house and have understood that we were getting a pretty good deal. Thus, considering that our lease was up at the end of January, we knew we were going to have to pay a rent increase.

What we DID NOT expect was a $450 a month rental increase. So, after a lot of back and forth, we gave our notice and are moving. We have both cried about it. Like really cried. Because, as LB has said when I get really mad about the whole situation, "I understand because it feels like we are being kicked out of our house." And he's right. That is what it feels like.

And so here we are... about 9 months before we get married faced with paying around $1500-$1700 for a MUCH bigger and more updated house in the same area that we love or making the move to pull the trigger and buy something. We would legit be paying the same amount per month buying something around $265-$275K as we would for renting.

At this point, I am so sick of living in other people's homes and having no say over when we stay or go, that I want to buy. We would be buying in my name because of LB's other financial issues, which kind of stinks, but we would re-fi out of an FHA in a few years at the most.

SO HUGE amounts of prayers, good vibes, and love are appreciated.