Bar Exam

Well, I am two weeks in to bar review and it is legitimately awful. This is the week that I am determined to get a schedule and stick with it. So far, so good (keep in mind it is Monday at 8:40 am, so I've only had about an hour to F it up so far).  A few quick reminders to myself as I go through this transition so that I will look back at this post and remember how much I NEVER want to have to do this again.

  • There is no human on the planet that could memorize all of this crap. And if they do exist they probably have the personality of a pea.
  • There is no way that I could have prepared for this exam during law school and that is inherently frustrating.
  • The key for me is not the key for anyone else. I have to feel comfortable with the material no matter what it takes.
  • Contracts sucks. And so does real property, conflict of laws, and commercial paper.
  • My brain hurts as well as my hands. SO MUCH TYPING and writing.

I CAN DO THIS even though I will be falling off the face of the planet for a while. I can do this.