Church on the Computer

I started listening to Vanessa's church's podcasts on my computer a few days ago. Typically, I really need to be in a face to face environment to gulp up everything that someone is preaching. But there was something about her pastor that made me just keep on listening. In the following sermon, you can hear about 3 minutes in where he warns his church that this sermon is going to feel intrusive--that he isn't apologizing for that, but rather preparing. In yogi terms, he is setting an intention for their spiritual practice... and setting an intention is how I warm my whole being up to be in communion with the divine. When my intentions are less than pure, my communion with the divine, is (not surprisingly) lame/interrupted/unfulfilling ect. So, set your intention for your day/week/month/year today. It doesn't have to be specific, but setting that intention just helps.

You can find her church here and her blog here.

Thanks V!