Motherhood... Eventually

You all must read this post by Vanessa on working moms. She gets it in such a profound way. I am not even a mom yet. I have mothered other people's babies and I know it is not the same. I cannot wait to have babies. My heart is ready. My mind... I am sure I will lose once the little person comes one day... my mind is as prepared as one can be. I have no disillusions about what motherhood will entail. It is hard. REALLY REALLY HARD. The one thing I have learned, however, from years of raising other people's babies is that you MUST ask for help and allow people (like me, the childless one) to actually help you. Moms, you don't even know it, but really we are here DYING help you... without judgment.

So, expect that when I have a kid all modesty, fear, and self-preservation I currently have will go flying out the window. You might get a phone call from me proactively asking for help, or you might just sense that I need it. In either case, reach out. I'll want the help. Other moms want the help. We all need the help.