Cold Sores

Clearly, this is an odd topic to blog about, but heck... it needs to be said. I have gotten cold sores since I can remember; likely since I was around 2 or 3. I was teased relentlessly for them in grade school and even high school. Remember that this was back in the day where the only "medicine" they had for them was Blistex. It was white, gooey and awful. No way to pretend that I didn't have a blister on my face.

I got my worst round of cold sores ever when I moved to Phoenix. The reasons seem obvious now of course: I was 23, getting divorced, moving to a strange city, and starting a VERY intense job with TFA. I now know that my cold sores are brought about by the 3 S's: sun, sex (kissing), and stress.

Every time I get a cold sore now (like the LOVELY ONE) I woke up with this morning, it serves as the brick upside my head from God. Let me back up: Oprah used to say that God first talks to us in a whisper, and then a yell, and then, if you are really stubborn like me, a brick upside the head. Every time I get a cold sore it is a rather painful and UGLY reminder that I am stressed out. Like really stressed out and that I need to make some changes to manage my stress. This cold sore has many culprits: applying for clerkships, having no idea what job I am going to have after school, money, the fact that LITERALLY everyone I know is engaged, married or having babies, and this sinking feeling that I am once again in a place where I am alone: both ostracized from my friends and clearly, my family.

Cold sores are my bricks from God.