Tackling the Table

Things around the home front have been crazy. Just plain crazy. We've been meeting nonstop with contractors and designers and pulling the trigger on various purchases. The amount of research going into this stuff sucks up most of my blogging time and since the blog is for me, I have cut back on posting as we get things checked off the list. One of those listy things has been my deep desire to get some updated house tour photos. I snapped these pics of the dining room with the intention of saying "Look. Here's what she is right now, and she's just fine as she is till we get to it."



Then.... I saw this leg mismatch action happening, remembered LB's comment about staining the table to match the legs of the chairs, and then one of our contractors reminded us about Polyshades by Minwax. We could skip the sanding (thank you Jesus) and just use a wipe on TSP/Deglosser before painting the stain on.


So I had a photo of the chairs on my phone and in hindsight wish I would have taken a leg to home depot to color match. They are close in shade now but... oh just look.


Post deglossing, polyshades on top. You just get a bristle brush and brush that stuff right on there.

IMG_4357 IMG_4361

It's pretty red in these wet shots... it was like midnight in this picture and snowing. Plus, we were having people over for the Super Bowl the next day (I am still not ready to talk about it).


And still red in these after not-so wet shots.



I am thinking of wet sanding it eventually (600 grit sand paper and a spray water bottle) and then doing a coat of the darker wood toned stain before finally sealing. The nice thing about poly shades is that you don't actually have to do a coat of poly after staining... it is built in... hence the name... polyshades.  So clever.

Maybe I will stain it to match better, maybe I won't.  But as this post started out by saying... here she is and she is fine as she is for now. :)