An Engagement Story

You guessed it! We're engaged!!!

Here's the story: On Friday, October 12, 2012, LB and I had dinner plans with my photographer friend Rebecca (see her amazing blog here) and her BF. I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back, Becca suggested that we take some pictures.

LB asked me to pour him some wine. As I grabbed the bottle of wine, he said, "What is this?"

I looked and saw the ring in the wine glass. Basically, I started to sob. Becca just snapped away and at some point LB asked and I said YES!

I am over the moon. Excited, happy, thrilled. I am also relieved to be able to start planning for this next phase of our lives with some certainty.

Feeling so blessed.

Special thanks to: Rebecca, Adam, Chris & Anna for designing a beautiful ring with LB and insisting that having pictures was a great idea, Ashley, Esther, and Candace for listening to me gripe about WHEN IS THIS FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?, and to all my family and friends that have supported LB and I as we have grown over the last 4 years together. You know who you are!