Store Stalking Sundays: My Registry

Instead of visiting a physical store this Sunday, we're going virtual, y'all... to my little slice of fantasy heaven: MY REGISTRY. (I can't even try and pretend that it is LB's too even though he does get totally excited about wedding gifts. He was the first one to put away the new silverware we got from Momma Mary and was SMILING while doing it.) I basically view my registry as my own personal store that I can visit without spending money. The best thing about using for our registry is that I can shop register from anywhere. I am so happy that we bought our house about 8 months before the wedding because I COMPLETELY changed our registry.

Right out of the gate, I am using this post to cover the most expensive/much "needed" house items... aka, the everyone-coming-would-have-to-go-in-on-this-shiz-but-I-am-obsessed-with-this stuff. It also represents where we would like the house to head design wise. Things like the chandelier below will be purchased/acquired regardless of future events!


  1. The West Elm Storage Coffee Table is the first step in my elaborate plan to feminine up the basement living room.
  2. The chandelier is the PERFECT THING for over our dining room table. It will really complete that living room/dining area for now.
  3. A Tent that we can stand up in because changing your clothes in a small persons tent is not fun... plus, this would fit the doggie beds... awwwww
  4. Side chair for the living room that SO needs extra seating by the dining room.
  5. This non-zooming lens because abeautifulmess told me to.

I mean really... look at the basement living with all of its patterns going on:


From guest room door out to living room.

Next up are some of my other favorites:


  1. These two dining chairs because I have nightmares that our craigslist chairs are going to break as I rock sit in them
  2. THE NIGHTSTANDS! I found these bad boys after DAYS of pinterest searching... they are much needed in our mis-matched embarrassingly decorated master bedroom.
  3. A lawn mower to... mow the lawn
  4. THIS RUG for the basement-- can't you just see it: the brown leather couch, the white coffee table above and this rug!??? YES PLEASE!
  5. A saw because that crown molding is not going to cut itself LB.

Again... our master bedroom is going to get re-done slowly because I just ... hmmm.

From door looking right

Straight across door looking back

From my side of bed looking toward door--Standing next to closets

This last little grouping of things I wish I owned is on here because it is almost embarrassing that I have registered for them, but hey. I live to embarrass.


  1. The person who buys me this (likely myself after the wedding) will be loved by me forever because they will not have judged me for getting a camera bag that doubles as a diaper bag... WHY GET TWO SEPARATE ONES! Also, that person won't have to get a baby gift in a few years, so really, I am thinking of you, mystery person who understands that this is a need I need in my life.
  2. This stand for the area right by the front door and the blue chair.
  3. A suitcase or two because the suitcases we have I got as a gift for my high school graduation. That was just a couple of years ago... cough, cough.
  4. And these 4 chairs to finish off the dining room furniture updates!

BOOM! So there are SOME of my favorites that make an appearance on my registry/dream shopping list. What did you register for? Any regrets on stuff you registered for? How much did you return? Does everyone just give you cash and you end up paying bills? What's the deal with that!?

*To get the sources and direct links to anything pictured in this post, just go to our registry and go from there. And no, this is totally this isn't a ploy to get you to buy us something... I mean we wouldn't refuse, but still. To see the other Store Stalking Sunday posts, well, click here.