Something might actually grow here!

*Congratulations to @whammy_pammy for winning the scarf by Anna Moor Designs. You can still get the 10% discount code through July 28 at 8 pm Eastern. When we started this gardening adventure, the little pots looked like this:

Gardening Information

The tallest one in that picture (the middle guy in the oh-so-fashionably-different-colored-pot), is the tomato that is now the star of my garden and even has it's own green cage in the pictures below. Let's keep track of this diva tomato, shall we?


There he is growing nice and tall, in his protective green cage, a few weeks after going in the ground.

Well now... Mr. Tall Fancy Pants is really getting up there. Just look at how much higher the green crossbars are from the picture above to the one below. Moving up!


He's also super green and proud of himself, so he asked for a closeup.


And my biggest excitement thus far? THAT DOWN THERE IS A PEPPER FOLKS! (Yes, the birds ate it before it got ripe enough for me to pick, thus prompting me to pick up netting, but FOOD. In my garden. Bam.)

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