New House, New Paint

We got lucky in our last house that Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore ended up working throughout all the main spaces in on our main floor. 

Dining room after.jpg

But in our new house we are faced with builder grade standard beige... again. Back to brown town for a little while at least. Our amazing realtor is paying for us to have someone else (!!!) paint the first floor of our house, while I tackle painting Lyla's room. As you might have spotted on Instagram, the paint color sample picking process has begun. 

I've posted before about my paint color picking process and I used the same process with our new house. Check out my paint color parade board for a good place to start. 

Let's start with the easier paint choice conundrum: Lyla's room!

Lyla's Room

Since we already did the three walls one color, one wall lighter thing and loved it, we are going to do a sort of repeat of that in her new nursery (lucky girl, two nurseries within her first year of life!). This is the inspiration picture for her room from Noodle & Boo:

I love me a good teal wall and so we are going searching for a soft, soft, soft teal and a bright white for her accent wall. I already picked up a more modern twist on the dots in the form of paint brush stroke appliques for the white accent wall, and new blackout curtains. Her art from her previous nursery will work just as it is in the new space with maybe a few updates. We are doing her 6 month photos this weekend and so I will likely print a bunch of those to add to her collection. 

The "teal" color samples I am between are:

  • Raindance (BM: 1572)
  • Palladian Blue (BM: the same color that was in our combined office in our old house)
  • Beach Glass (BM: 1564)
  • Tidewater or Waterscape by Sherwin Williams

For white, I am looking at:

  • Decorators White (BM: CC-20)
  • Seashell (OC-120)
  • Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Living Room/First Floor

Now this list is long and somewhat daunting, but we will rule out about half of those the second they are up on the wall. #trust

Here are some inspiration pictures of the colors that are on that list (all images from my pinterest board):

Soft grey. Very soft is the name of the game in this space. I loved the cement grey, but at times it could pull a tad too purple for my liking. It was very much so a player in the "blue undertones" game. 

So that is where we are at people... ONE WEEK AWAY FROM GETTING POSSESSION OF OUR NEW HOUSE!