Gardening Update

A few weekends ago I went to HD and picked up some plants-- supposedly the kind that grow back year after year (I CAN NEVER REMEMBER WHICH ARE WHICH) and (duh) planted them.IMG_0177 Look at us blissfully unaware of what was coming...

IMG_0436 See the odd spacing of plants in that picture above? Purple plant left, red plant centered, then some randos in there? That happened because Katie and I planted wildflower seeds in the spot with the dark soil. The wildflower seeds, however, weren't doing anything-- not a sprout in sight. I was willing to give them a few more weeks before I was going to go back to HD and fill in that area with already pre-established plants. But for now, my random plant placement was just going to have to be ok. LOOK! Color! IMG_0439 IMG_0442

And everything was going splendidly. I had a new routine after biking home from the light rail: water plants in office (the vegetables), pick up dog poo, and then water the wildflowers I had planted as well as these HD plants. Just look at the wildflowers in the back yard! They were doing SO WELL! From SEEDS TOO! I wasn't killing stuff! IMG_0514 Despite the lack of wildflower growth in the front flower bed, I was still calling it a victory. Nothing had died yet and all of the HD plants were living and motivating me to go back and really fill the front garden space in.

Well, THANK GOD I DIDN'T. Cause... this happened. IMG_0585

On May 11, it snowed for over 24 hours. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of it all fully covered in snow.

I do not yet know what has survived this terrible tragedy, but will definitely be back with a full post-mortum. 80 degrees last weekend and an onslaught of snow the next. Welcome to Denver, Colorado in the spring friends.

I am going to try to garden...

I picked up these already started seeds at Whole Foods this weekend. They are two different types of organic tomatoes, Italian basil, and an orange pepper. Thus, I wanted to share that I am going to be killing plants planting these bad boys after Mother's Day. Huzzah.IMG_0337

I am posting the above picture to Katie Bower's spring photo link up! Head here to check out some other awesome spring photos!

I certainly do enjoy walking into my office and seeing this view though... IMG_0333