DIY Onesies

Adorable DIY onesies with cute sayings are my kryponite. They melt me into a million little pieces. Once you figure out how easy they are to do, you too will be melting into puddles of mush for every baby shower you could possibly throw or attend. onesies

You will need:

  • Computer
  • Word processor (I use powerpoint and word because I am not fancy enough to have photoshop yet)
  • Transfer paper (I get mine from target; they are basically this one, but for white t-shirts)
  • Color Printer
  • Imagination
  • Iron
  • White onesies (again from Target--a 5 pack is around $10)

Here's how I design them: I use powerpoint to get everything set. Here, I was making a onesie that said "a lauren and adam production TM". I picked a font and color that I liked and sized it until I liked it. And then I saved it as a JPEG. I am sure that on some versions of powerpoint you can get the same slide to rotate and flip for you, but for ease, I just drop the picture of the slide I make into word.

step 1 Once the picture is in Word, I click rotate and flip it horizontal. This creates the mirror image that you need to do a screen printing of any kind.

step 2

Once you print it and cut it out, it looks like this... all mirror imaged and ready to be ironed onto a onesie or t-shirt or what have you. IMG_1529 All flipped and ready for an iron! IMG_1531 IMG_1534

The directions say to not use steam, but I always use a little bit for about 4 seconds and turn it back down to the highest dry setting. You know that it is ready to be peeled off when you grab a corner and can see the white stuff is stuck to the onesie. Pull SLOWLY from a corner because if you start pulling and see that the transfer of the words or picture isn't totally crisply transferred, you can stick it back down and keep ironing!

BAM! Aren't they the cutest. IMG_1539

This one was my other favorite one. I just think it's adorable.


And here they all are strung up at Peek's baby shower. I will be back with a full recap of the shower next week, but wanted to give you a fun and pretty easy DIY onesie tutorial for your weekends. What is everyone up to these days? Do people to do fun things during the summer that don't involve wedding planning? DIY Onesies

Fine. One more cute one, but that is it until next week!


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