Lean In

Okay. So I know that I am late to the lean in party, but I have to say that today I read over half of the book while flying. I just couldn't put it down. I completely understand that women who are stay at home moms are going to hate this book... And guess what? That's totally fine.. This book isn't for you. It's for women who are in careers currently and struggling with the societal pressures we feel to drop out of the work force to stay home with children. For me (emphasis on for me) the books has so far encouraged me to:

  • Ask for ways that I can improve even in the face of praise.
  • Don't shy away from challenging projects. Speak up, but not too much.
  • Be thankful that I have a partner who fully supports my career. FULLY. And will fully share in the household responsibilities with me even if we both are working.
  • Allow LB to put a diaper on the baby's head in his own way- regardless of whether it actually contains any pee whatsoever-- he can learn how to do this in his own way.
  • Don't feel bad for being assertive-- smile while being assertive, but fight for my value.
  • Find women who I see something in that I recognize that I want to grow in them and mentor them.
  • Help other women in careers and encourage them to stay in those careers.
  • Don't exit the workforce when I have a baby before I have baby ("don't leave until you leave"). I hope to be peddle to the metal until I give birth and be excited and invigorated about getting back to work after babies.. The only way this happens is by being present at work and involved until you actually leave.

Ahhhhhh. So much good stuff. Can't wait to read more and fully digest everything. Love it. Should be required reading for young lawyers and all women!