BeMeCustom's Queen B Bag

If you have no idea what Queen B refers to, I have an assignment for you this weekend. Turn on your TV and get to Netflix. Go to search and type in Gossip Girl. Then, observe. THE Queen B in all her glory. Annnnnnyway, this might be my second favorite thing that Katie and I have ever put together. The first was my wedding.  

The Queen B Tote


Also, you OBVIOUSLY don't have to have the letter B on yours (take a WILD guess why this one has a B on it). What's more? In the next few weeks this tote is going to get all sorts of fun things: dots, chevron, three letters!? The good news for all of you is that I am nerding out so hard over this tote that I have updated our shop page so that now you can see a few more of the things that we are working on. Come visit us... the holidays are quickly approaching and I know a certain sister of mine who is going to be getting a hilarious shirt or tote or two from yours truly.

**Thank you cards are coming shortly you Queen B's you! :)


Vintage Napkins

You. Guys. The napkins are DONE. And they are stupid cute. Katie sewed her little face off and I couldn't be happier with the results. I posted here about how we made these suckers-- sorry for the so two months ago crappy iPhone pics.

As a general recap:

I picked out the fabric with Katie AND measured and cut all of the 12 inches x 12 inches squares. I knew for my wedding that I wanted the touches of color to be subtle. Think white table cloths, burlap and lace runners, black lanterns, one mason jars that was blue with one pink bloom in it, frames spray painted blue with table names in them, vintage plates, forks and knives tied together with a doily & twine, and fun vintage napkins with the menus tucked inside of them like this (minus the sticks, plus adorable printed menu):

napkin fold

The problem? Fun vintage napkins in my color were about $30 for 4 napkins, and no, I did not add a zero.

So, Katie and I did what any good DIYers would do and pinterested our hearts out for sewing and dimension instructions, headed to the fabric store, bought 3 different kinds of fabric (3 yards of each) and got busy!

Katie did mention that after sewing all of these that she hates me she thinks she could have just folded them and stiched them without ironing them. Oye. But let's just focus on how cute they are.

IMG_0469 IMG_0466 IMG_0463 I feel like these are going to give us that little pop of color on the tables and add that vintagey look we are going for without slapping it in everyone's faces. I never wanted it to be a young-ish person's wedding where we were trying to scream, "LOOK! WE'RE SO VINTAGEY!" When in our house most things are mid-century modern and hipsters, we are not (until it comes to food).

What special touches are you doing for your wedding? Your life? Does using cloth napkins make you feel like a grownup?