Purse and Accessory Storage

A friend of mine texted me the other day and said, "Can you do a post about purse and accessory storage?" I said, "No. What do you think this is?" So this will not be a post on purse and accessory storage. Ok fine. I lied. She asked and here we are.

Jewelry Storage

Let's start with my favorite thing in my office/dressing room: my hanging bar. I posted about it right after we moved in.

Dressing Bar

I picked up that jewelry rack at the container store for about $6 and it has been the BEST! I wear a ton more jewelry now that it is on display and right next to my dressing bar. LB also made me my earring holder so it's got a special place in my heart.

Here are some other good jewelry storage ideas I have seen around the interwebs... (Clicking on the picture will give you the source of the pin/the item).

These two little ladies from the Container Store as well; just a little bit of class and respect for some of your nice pieces. The pull out drawers add that something special. Plus, see-through. And the brushed silver/nickel of the rack on this one classes up the joint... I don't know how thick the hooks are, but it could double as purse storage if too thick for necklaces and bracelets.

container store storagecontainer store storage

Oh oh oh. You don't want to look at hooks all the time? Great.. this gem by Umbra snaps the hooks open and shuts when you don't have anything on them. I think on a long wall a row of these sort of low or halfway up it would look amaze.

container store storage

For projects of the more DIY variety, I LOVE these. The old collage frame with sweet scrapbook/wrapping paper in the back and the beautiful frame (spray painted I believe) with dried out sticks spray painted and screwed in (at least, that is how I would do this).

jewelry storagejewelry storage

Simple little shelf with hooks galore.

jewelry storage

And this beauty... and old painter's tray with gorgeous paper and gold hooks.

jewelry storage

Purse Storage

Here's how I currently have most of my purses organized.. they hang out on this coat rack I got from Goodwill and chalkpainted white.

purse org 1

Some are also in our master bedroom closet on a shelf because we have ELFA closet systems in all of our upstairs closets.

But for those that don't have ELFA, here are some good ideas for purse storage that I think are ACTUALLY do-able... not "pinterest-y" do-able. But real life.

I love the combo of these two pictures-- the shelf-y thing for hand bags and open S-hooks for purses in the closet. DO NOT fall into the trap of using regular plastic shower curtain O's. You'll have to undo them each time you take a purse and then you'll stop using the org. system. (Not that I would know from personal experience). Use those plastic O's for scarves... I STILL do and I love it.

purse org 1purse org 1

This next idea is SNEAKY... it's basically doing what smart bars do: installing a hook underneath to hang your purses. I think under a desk that isn't frequently used or even the underside of a shelving unit in a storage closet would be a good place to implement this ingenuity.

purse org 1

The last two are variations on a theme-- USE A COAT RACK with adorable knobs instead of hooks. I think every house has a wall of dead space and if you love your purses, coats, scarves and hats, why not display them proudly. I would recommend starting with a 2 x 4 and drilling pilot holes for the knobs before you go diving into a whole wall. If you did it on a wall, my friendly suggestion would be to make sure that you are going into a stud... especially for those purses. The others might be fine without stud anchors, but at least use those plastic anchors.


So spill it... how do you organize your girlie necessities?