Peek's Baby Shower

I am nothing if I am not a promise keeper. After I posted the onesie DIY tutorial, I said I'd let y'all in on Peek's baby shower. Well, WELCOME! And you're welcome. Sam and I put our heads together and threw Peek a baby shower at our house a few weekends ago. We used some streamers and white lanterns that I have on deck for the wedding to add some pizzaz to the front porch. (I love walking into a party knowing I am at the right spot because of the decorations outside). Peek baby shower IMG_1541

I also put this sign on the front door... instructions are important people.


We picked up some simple pink decorations at Target: Pink silverware, napkins, and plates. (KISS: keep it simple stupid)


Sam made this too cute for school Baby Branz banner for fun decor.


And she also made this OWL!!!!!! I die. Peek is gonna take it and frame it up for baby girl branz.


Again Sam with the cupcakes. She even made the flags people. They featured feet, bottles, and rattles. The rattles tasted the best... I kid. They were all amazing.


You might recognize these coffee filter flowers from this little ol' blog that we are using for the wedding. We had this basket laying around and it stored the flowers perfectly.


Our modest but sweet table scape.


We also printed out a tree and had the guests ink their fingers and sign their names. Sam brought over an extra frame and Peek was excited to take it home and fill in Baby Girl's name.



On with the fun people and baby pictures. (note, the baby is not the baby that Peek is having... she is still preggo. The baby is Ella and she is adorb and it seems as though I camera stalked her). Babies at a baby shower are the stars of the show.

Just two married peeps, having a casual convo. :)

IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1574 IMG_1575 IMG_1578

I am getting a little upset...


Annnnnnnd, I've lost it. I love her sweet momma swooping in in the background. Adorb.



IMG_1589 IMG_1591

Adam, Denver's best chef (for real), and my Peek girl!


And this is her beautiful momma who came from St. Louis for the shower... she also made us the heaviest afghan ever and I almost want it to be winter so I can snuggle with it on the couch.

IMG_1595 IMG_1601 IMG_1604 IMG_1613

Thanks for coming y'all!