Thank You Cards DIY, Wedding Version

Ahhhhhh, the importance of farming things out to people who are more talented at certain things than you. Case in point? Momma Mary, my future mother-in-law, always sends us the cutest cards that she has embellished in some way. I could likely figure out how to make mine look somewhat as cute as hers, but why do that when this is a perfect project for her to do in Oregon and send on over to us in Colorado. I also realize I could just get generic ones, but I enjoy the small touches wherever I can incorporate them. So, a few months ago I put her in charge of making all of the thank you cards for the bridal party and vendors. Instead of trying to find cute enough cards (and then likely spending $3-$4 each on them) we got something that looks like this for our flower girls.


Here's how she did it: "Well, I went to the website and followed the instructions." Momma Mary, using technology. :)

I just can't even wait to see what she does for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and vendors. Huzzah.