Weekly Update... Late of course

Here goes... Work: I've made it through three weeks of work and absolutely love the Firm. I am working on a water law thing right now (READ: teaching myself water law with the help of awesome attorneys), and it has been really hard.  But I really am learning a ton and recognizing that I can do this: be an attorney. It's very exciting and exhausting. I come home from work and have no desire to do ANYTHING but sit on the couch and read a book or watch TV.

Money: I am starting to feel ok about where we are at with money. It's really never going to be enough (unless I do the Jay plan: win the lottery), and so I am trying to be smart about where my money goes. The most difficult things for me to not spend money on are, and have always been, food and clothes.  I love to eat out and try new places, but then I go to Costco and spend a ton of money on food that we don't end up eating that week. Magically, our food budget goes from about $200/week to about $350. It's CRAZY! Gotta work on that... big time.

Love: LB and I are great. 50 Shades of Grey has helped me out... :) If you haven't read the book, prepare yourself first and read the reviews.

Family: Hmmm... easily my biggest area of disappointment right now. I reached out to my Aunt/Mom to get K's phone number to wish her a happy birthday. I had not even text spoken to her since Mother's Day. When she responds she asks me one quick question: How is work? And then launches into a discussion of how proud of M she is for going to massage therapy school after graduating high school and that she bought her a massage table and... blah blah. Don't get me wrong: graduating from high school is a great thing and taking the ambition to go to a trade school afterwards is better than working at McDonald's forever. However, a little perspective would be appreciated... she didn't get into Harvard people. I recognize that I am acting a touch like a 12 year old right now (basically screaming: "Why aren't you proud of me!????") and yet I promised I would be honest on this blog and this is my honest feeling.

FOOD: in the past few weeks I have tried some great places and recipes... here's a quick rundown:

Jing in the tech center: the Kobe beef burger is out of this world-- juicy, flavorful and the sweet potato fries will blow your face off. Also got the strawberry salmon roll and it was uniquely wonderful.

Zink also in the tech center: WEIRD location, but great food and service. It is legitimately in a Double Tree Hotel and we were the only people there for lunch. The food is reasonably priced and well presented. I had the prime rib sandwich and it was juicy, cooked well and the bread didn't abuse the roof of my mouth.

Recipe: I made quinoa, a black bean and corn salad, with chipotle hummus on spinach wraps and it was so simple, wonderful, and a great vegetarian option for us to put into the rotation!

Big Girl Check

Today I got my first paycheck from my firm (Fun Firm: FF for short) for my work over the last week and a half. It's not massive, but it is roughly the same amount of take home pay I would get from the school district I used to work for... a MONTH'S worth of teaching take home pay BTW.  To commemorate this occasion I am going to pay LB for half of the rent and then put $200 in savings and pay $400 towards credit cards! WOOP! Odd how getting out of debt seems to make us so happy and then we OH SO QUICKLY go right back into the hole!