Fall Cleaning

Things around the Bennett house have been pretty quiet on the whole "DIY our house and make huge changes" front. There are a lot of reasons for that (shoulder surgery, budget, weather), but mostly we are going through our first fall season in this house and have noticed a few of the more boring things that need to be done.

Cleaning Out the Gutters... Multiple Times

The front of our house has two beautiful trees. And they are HUGE.


Said big beautiful trees now look like this:


Hence... gutter overflowing crazy time.

Tree Demolition

We are getting this pine tree taken out in a week! We've been saving up for it and are finally ready to yank it on out! I can't tell you have valuable having this post was. I would call different places to get quotes and email them the blog post while we were on the phone. They then knew exactly which tree(s) I was talking about and could come out on their own and give us a quote. Amazing. The guy we went with is a friend of a friend and the cost? $675. We got bids from $600 all the way to $1200 for this tree, so we feel pretty good about the final cost. We also feel good that this dead, I shed pine straws like crazy little beast is going to be gonezo.

Front Yard- Left of House

Clothes Organization

I make use of those space saver bags for summer- winter clothes and so it was time to clean out my closet (thanks Eminem).



I also went to Nordstrom Rack with my Sammie and did some birthday damage in the clothes department. LB helped me reorganize my closet situation and it's looking a lot more accessible, spacious, and I-can't-reach-above-my-head-yet friendly.



We have gotten two bids to take out the wall that divides the living room and the kitchen (the one with the mirror): one was $1800-2500 and the other was $750-$1000. We're going to contact a few more contractors that we found through the NextDoor App and hopefully pull the trigger on this shortly into the new year.


Dryer Vent

Hey you! Yes, you! Get your Shop-Vac out and vacuum out that dryer vent. It takes maybe 15 minutes and might save you from a house fire. Uhhhh DO IT!

Wedding Photos

I am finally putting together my Blurb wedding book and getting all of those beauties organized is making me feel so much less stressed!

Photo Cred: Preston Utley

What do y'all do to prepare for the onslaught of winter?