Going Postal for Packages

Love packages actually. In the last week, every day I have come home has been like Christmas... if Christmas involved planning a wedding that was so rustic and romantic you just might die over how well it suits you. Anyway. Today I got home and had the dresses I ordered from LuLu's for my bridal showers and my bachelorette party just waiting for me.  (I'll post more about those later). BUT, what really made my day was this lovely package from LB's mom: Momma Mary. She died and dried a TON of coffee filters for me for the flowers I am going to make to go on the giant wood alter backdrop thing:IMG_3263


She also included this lovely gift that is going to go in the lounge area. I mentioned to her literally 8 months ago that I was going to try and make some Mr. & Mrs. pillows and looky what she went ahead and got us! (and yes, I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot with pillows... judge if you must). She insists that she got them from this store that I sent her, but I don't remember that at all! Either way, what a perfect score by Momma Mary! IMG_0168




Wedding Weekend Itinerary & Don't Call Me Cards (no maybe about it)

I posted here about the need to include a weekend itinerary in the welcome bags for wedding guests. And MAN! Am I so happy that I got on it and just did it. I found the ChloeandMilo Shop on etsy and Morgan was fantastic. She designed this itinerary and some calling cards for me. I am THRILLED with how they turned out and am relieved to have these stress savers ready to go. The fact that they are ADORABLE doesn't hurt either.

The calling cards say, "Lost your pants, lost your dress, lost your way? Call anyone but the bride!" The cards then proceed to list the numbers of all of the bridal party and EVERY SINGLE VENDOR involved in this wedding. I view handing these out as the end of my responsibilities for wedding planning. August 7 can't get here fast enough!