Everyday Denver Eats

I have posted quite a bit about my plan to eat at the top 25 restaurants in Denver before/while I am thirty. This got me thinking about what my go-to's are: my more normal, everyday, eating out sorts of places. Granted, with FPU I am trying not to eat out as much, but this is a list of my lower-priced food loves:

  • Mod Market: pizzas with vegan cheese, pizzas with regular cheese straight out of the wood-fired oven, salads, sandwhiches and a green chicken chili that will blow you away. I used to eat here at LEAST once a week.
  • Kaos Pizza: again delish pizza and a GREAT happy hour
  • Paxti's: thin or chicago, vegan cheese- great pizza... a little pricey, but great service
  • Backcountry Deli: LODO-- some of the best sandwiches ever
  • Masterpiece Deli: I never stray from a good turkey sandwich but this place has got me DYING to go back for another Cuban!
  • Tokyo Joe's: I always get the large chicken bowl with peanut and teriyaki sauce-- a little spicy with the sweet!
  • Ming's Dynasty: some of my favorite Chinese food in the city-- sesame chicken and lo mein.... yummmmmmm
  • Pho 95 or 96: I like pho 95's appetizers/spring rolls better, but 96's broth is great!
  • Mici: for $10 you can't beat their bolognese!
  • Park Burger: just a fantastic burger- I always go mini park burger, extra sauce on bun, sauce on side for dipping them sweet potato fries!
  • Jing (for lunch): for a dinner spot this place crosses over into fancy, but their Kobe beef burger IS. AMAZING.
  • Sushi Train: yes, there is a large train on the roof. Yes, there really is a train that will bring you your sushi at the sushi bar, and yes, their lunch all you can eat sushi IS $14.95! Dinner is $25, which is still amazing.
  • Stella's Coffee: great place on old south pearl
  • Devil's Food: AWESOME BRUNCH SPOT! Old south gaylord... get the french toast... just do it.
  • Las Caras Mexican Grill: our new favorite mexican place: 3333 South Tamarac Drive