The Life of Skipper: The Beagle Dog

Everybody, let me properly introduce my Skipper dog. Skip is a one of a kind beagle. I got him for $250 back in Washington about 7+ years ago (sorry to just out your age like that) and he is well... he is this... on couches, in his bed, or, his favorite... on people. All Skippy ding ding wants in life is to snuggle humans. And eat.

Skipper the beagle

Or sniff.


Every square inch of the backyard.


He's also a little pissed at being left out of the wedding.


And this picture just sends him over the edge.


He's so mad about it in fact that he has no choice, but to try to sleep it off. His rage is obvious.


I said he wants to sleep LB, stop taking pictures of him.

IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2094

See! Sleeping time. Skip is snuggles, sniffing, and sleep. The perfect beagle. He even has his own Instagram hashtag: #snugglyskipper. He's a big deal like that.