Christmas Gift Ideas From Etsy

Seeing as how I have a small Etsy shop, I like to get gifts for people from other small business folks.  I like to support others who are brave enough to lay their wares out there for the world.  It's pretty cool. I have curated a list of things that I just think would be awesome gifts to give and receive.  Since I am on a budget and all, I am trying to keep the prices around $30. A great price point for a gift me thinks. Just to give you a taste of the great things that are out there in Etsy land, here are 12 goodies I would give you a big hug to receive. etsy christmas gift ideas

Top row L to R:

  • BOOT SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $20. Score
  • An infinity silver ring. No need to spend $6-800 on one for your buddy or wife or partner. Try $11.50 instead.
  • MORE BOOT SOCKS!!!!!!!!! $40.
  • Bird layered necklace. Soft simple, feminine. $35

Second Row L to R:

  • Waxed Canvas Diaper Bag from our very own Miss Money Bags! $250, but I feel like this is a lifetime bag. One you keep for ages.
  • I REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY want/need to do this custom hand-lettered vow art. I am trying to figure out what fun  thing we can do with our vows and until I learn  how to do calligraphy, I am going to have to pay someone to do it. $100, but amazing memento.
  • Greek key table runner that matches our serving ware from Jonathan Adler: $14.95!
  • Shake it off print: $10. Truth be told... I could make this for about $3 and you could print it at home yourself.

Third Row L to R:

  • I LOVE this coffee mug-- a little pop culture mixed with positivity: $10.25
  • Same as above- Taylor Swift mug "Haters gonna hate": $18
  • A little more pricey, but adorable for the house. $195
  • Just an adorable little clutch doing adorable little clutch things: $6. Buy it and put that bird necklace in it!

To see the whole curated list go here.  As always, feel free to buy one of our totes or shirts as gifts for you and yours... we think they're pretty great and cheap too. Cheap in price, clearly, not quality. Who you callin' cheap!?

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