First Round of Furniture Buys

This is overwhelming... this whole furnishing a house when all of your furniture was purchased by other people. But, HOLY SNAP (crackle and pop), is it fun too! :) 

*All pictures are linked to their sources. If my sleep deprived brain missed something, let me know! 

So let's start with the, I am not sure where this is going to go for sure yet, but I love it pieces.

This bench could go office, entry, bar room, or bedroom... OR living room! I don't care where it goes, I love it so.  

This shelf is fun and modern and looks pretty sturdy. I think it might end up in my office if not the loft/playroom. 

Bar Room. 

We are going to do this Ikea hack for the bar/buffet in the bar room. 

Parts we need for the hack. 

On top of said bar we will put things... starting with this candle. LOL. The gold accents mixed with the industrial concrete vibe just inspired this whole Mad Men, mid-mod bar room thing I got going on. 

Couch for said bar room. 

 I got one of these side chairs from Target and we will just see if we get another one. I am thinking the answer will be yes.

Light for the bar room! I have wanted a space to do one of these sputnik lights FOREVER and am pumped to get to do one in this house. 

There is going to be a fight over where this lamp goes... and it is going to be a fight between me and me. It's gonna get real interesting. 


We ordered two of these gates for the top and the bottom of the stairs... we've never had to deal with stairs with Lyla before and so any tips y'all have on that, let me know!

Living Room

We ordered this custom couch from Interior Define and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to get it. It is the Maxwell in Basketweave Graphite. It's super deep looking and I hope I love it as much as I think/know I will. 

I am going to do a whole separate post on the rest of the living room set up debacle because I am just struggling with the set up and have 800 inspiration images and am not sure where to let them guide me. 

Dining Room

This light might look familiar... it's nearly identical to the one that was in our old house. :)

Lyla Stuff: Her Room and the Loft

We picked up two staples for a Loft/playroom space: a small table and chairs and an adorable tent. 

Most of these tents are well over $100 (looking at you land of nod) and I wanted it be as gender neutral as possible. All kids welcome!

We got these comfy floor cushions for inside her tent. 

And these room darkening curtains for her bedroom. Her room is getting a whole revamp and I am pumped. 

Guest Room

We got a Tuft & Needle mattress for the guest room about 2 months ago and now I want to get one for our bedroom too. I get to sleep on it every other night when LB takes Lyla, and I LOVE IT. It is the most comfortable thing of life, was $600 for a queen and unfolded brilliantly in our guest room. Best money we ever spent on a bed. Period. 

SO yeah. That's where we are at thus far. We still need... oh God. It's too much. It's just too much. 

Rocking out the Living Room

  I am working on it, I really am. This incessant planning thing that I have. It really wasn't this bad when I was able to go to yoga and was forced to shut it down for a while. Nor was it this bad when I was in law school and had no brain power left to plan plan plan. But here I am, at a job I love, able to leave work at work and have evenings and weekends to scheme and plan and scheme some more.

The whole overhaul of the living room space was obviously spurred on by us removing the wall, but it also came from a comment that LB made when we were over at Jay and Ben's. He stated: If we had a couch like this, I would be upstairs a lot more. The couch they have is a u-shaped beast that is so darn comfortable. Ours currently is this little fella:


We looked around, we pinterested, we went to American Furniture Warehouse, and we looked some more. I finally caved and went to Macy's to see if their amazing sale was really amazing.... AND IT WAS. We got the couch below (picture linked).


You will notice in the picture above that our rug is currently blue and our couch is going to be a dark gray. Gray and yellow are just classic so I knew that yellow for a rug was the way I wanted to go. I found these contenders on and posted the choices on instagram. You all weighed in and....


We went with rug #1! I liked that it was white with pops of yellow instead of just solid yellow.  The dark blue rug in the living room now is going in the basement and the aqua blue rug in the basement (below) is going in my office! No more brown rug!



For this:


Major upgrade. I love a good fixture swap. And our beloved blue side chair? She is going in to my office too. Where? I am not sure but I am plotting and scheming (as per usual) and will likely be re-doing the whole office as a result. ;)

Back to the living room... I am also looking into new coffee tables and a new side table/chest for right by the door (ie, at the end of the couch/non-chaise end). The green ones are getting craigslisted the instant that I remember to that instead of blog...


LB and I also want to swap out all the blinds upstairs for white ones. I hate the wood colored doobies. Hate em.

The last thing that we need in here are two stools and we've got three solid contenders still:


I like the open backs since that is the first thing you will see when you open the front door and I don't want to diminish sight lines into the kitchen now that we have them! But I sure love the industrial look of that 29 incher. It's probably too tall for counter height, but I love it.

So that's how one little wall removal sparked a whole slew of changes and purchases and re-workings. Slippery slope fellas. Slippery slope.