39 Weeks

How I’m Feeling: The heartburn, the "lowness" of the baby, and the inability to get comfortable mean that I am DONE being pregnant. I am just ready for her to be here.

Belly/Weight: Staying at a solid 38 pounds gained for this pregnancy with a pretty small belly... I guess. LB keeps pointing out pregnant women and saying, "See... she looks ready to pop... you do not." I am sure this is meant to be sweet, but I WANT TO POP!

Life Changes: I am grumpy. I am working from home now until she comes (thank the sweet Lord Baby Jesus), and trying to get out at my lunch break and get some steps in. Today's location? Home Depot!

Purchases/Nursery Decisions? The nursery is done!


I ordered her first Christmas ornament and we went last weekend and got her Baby's First Christmas stocking from Pottery Barn Kids. LB's family makes these gorgeous cross-stitch stockings and we've got one of those on order for next year for her.


We also invested in some Nest Protect cameras and I am already so glad that we did. It will be awesome to be able to check in on her and see that she is okay when I go back to work. Not to mention the whole "if we get broken into, we will have video evidence" thing.

Movement: She hurts me. A lot. All the times. Even though she is at a -2 Station already (aka, super low) she is so long and wants to stretch out that she is still all up in my ribs.

Sleep: Touch and go... I've been having some stress dreams that I think are mostly induced from needing to pee and then waking up and thinking-- am I in labor!? And then not being. And then peeing. And then trying to go back to sleep. Plus-- the heartburn is still getting me good.

Cravings: Breakfast food: cinnamon rolls, scones, eggs, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, potatoes of any form, and cereal.

Exercise: Still Walking! Averaging about 2-3 miles a day. I am doing hip rolls on the ball and stretching at night at home because the thought of finding something that fits and going to yoga just seems like too much right now.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Finding out at my appointment how very very low she is and that everything is cued up for the big day. I also have loved getting funny texts that have nothing to do with "IS SHE HERE YET?" from my sister. They make my day.

On My Mind: WHEN IS SHE GOING TO BE HERE!? My office thinks this Friday (12/4), and I still think Peek's birthday (12/8). It's anyone's game at this point.

Baby to do list: A More Detailed Version

  • Paint baby's room
  • Get crown molding and built in bookshelves painted
  • Get daybed/futon for office
  • Arrange her room
  • Start getting art on walls in her room
  • Finish breastfeeding book
  • Pick out fabric to make her changing table cover, and curtains.
  • Make those things above.
  • Start freezing food (may need to get a chest freezer from costco).
  • Hospital Tour
  • Birth Class
  • Baby Shower :) :) :)