Wedding Ties

As much as any wedding is about the bride, I also want my handsome hubby to look great. I don't think he needs much help in that arena, but I digress. We ended up going with these Vera Wang beauties for the dudes. My boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, always nails it when he puts on his suit & tie, and I figure LB as my husband will do the same. (That's how it works right?) VWBLACK_101911_20_007_RGB

We wanted to tie them in (see what I did there) to the bridesmaids somehow, but since the blue the bridesmaids are wearing is tough to match and pulls a little baby blue-ish, we decided to have the dudes ties match the flowers. The flowers are going to be a blush pink and I am praying with all of my little bridey heart that they are peonies. Trying to find the exact color was still proving tough, until we discovered the saviors. The Knotty Tie Company. IMG_1400 We mailed them a spool of thread that matched the pink we were going for and they color matched it. The ties were a little pricey at $45 each, but they're gonna make a great groomsman gift for the dudes. We're thrilled with how they turned out.

Oh, and did I mention that they are a local Denver company!?


Here's a sneak peek of what they look like. I am so happy that they are not silky and are rather rustic/matte in their own right. Snazzy for suresies.


Now, the real question is-- who has hints for places to find socks for dudes that are super masculine cute?