Music Loves Fall 2014

As we head into this fall season with its crispness and beautiful colors (AND BOOTS!), my musical library is getting refreshed too. Luckily for you, what is good for me is (mostly) good for you too. So here's what I am digging lately. John Smith: We got to see this guy open for David Gray (our second time seeing David), and he blew us away with his acoustic set. His three songs that I am obsessed with are below, but his whole "Great Lakes" album is fantastic.

Wabash: My sister Maddie introduced this to me so I listen to it and can see us driving around together in Denver.

Southern Sun: Andy's jam that he cruised out here listening to. It actually makes me a little sad to listen to it, so maybe not as frequent in the rotation. Miss him lots.

Sam Smith: His other stuff might be nearing overplayed mode, but this live cover of Whitney Houston gives me a GUT reaction. Like down to my bones. Talent.

Daughter: Good beat, interesting lyrics, hate this weird video. So just let it play in a different tab and soak in the music.

Paper Kites: Just a great song. Cute video too. Resume watching and listening! :)

Ok. Those are my newest music loves. Spill it. What are you rocking out to while watching the leaves change and sipping on coffee?