Furniture Possibilities: Living Room & Master Bedroom

This is a brain dump. This is scattered. All the pictures are linked cause I am trying to organize like that. 

Living Room

The good news is that Katie stepped up and helped me finalize side chairs. I also got one side table and curtains for the living room and sliding glass door.

Side Table

For the living room we still need a side table for the couch and a coffee/cocktail/table/ottoman. Possibilities: 

Master Bedroom

We've got a limited budget for the bedroom and so I am not sure what to actually tackle at the moment. But here are some things that are getting kicked around:


I love these things, but budget might mean we wait. This console table for the entry has given me a run for my money. I have searched and searched for something similar but at a lower price point. You know what I have found? NOTHING EVEN CLOSE. 

Katie found this ottoman and I love it. I don't know about the color or size until we get our custom couch, but this is the color I am thinking. I just ugh. Thoughts?

Opinions? Favorites? Between this post and the last, I feel like you all can let me know what you spot out there in the world.