Monday Musings 010

YOWZA! We've been busy and fighting colds since we got back from Portland so here is a quick and snappy musing.

If you have not watched Ali Wong's Baby Cobra standup. What are you doing to your life? Watch when kids are asleep, you're a glass of wine into your evening, and your hubby is on the computer. :)

Lyla stuff! I ordered her Halloween costume, I love this portable high chair for her for travelling and eating out (we've used it a ton), and after a ton of research on excema creams that are safe/as non-chemical as possible I ordered some of this for her. 

Another rad frame from Umbra. 

We are only two months from the Gilmore Girls: Seasons. TWO MONTHS. My excitement for this cannot be overstated. 

I was able to order this coffee table shouted out by Chris Loves Julia before the jerk raised the price to $600 because he got some press. I don't know if it is going in the living room or bar room yet, but I am stoked to add in some texture. 

We had our open house yesterday and I am more in love with our house than ever before. What a great gathering space! 

THIS IS BRILLIANT! And so is this! Cheap artwork/free artwork. 

This video does a good job explaining my obsession with Alexa... and now Dot.