Monday Musings 009

BOOKS! Read Tell Me Three Things and ABSOLUTELY loved it. i woke up dead at the mall was also cute and fun, but similarly touched on death like Tell me Three Things did. One True Loves was Castaway meets Sliding Doors meets Maybe in Another Life... it wasn't super memorable, but was a quick read. I read Love Warrior in one day. I couldn't put it down and felt like I had been through battle when I finished it. What a RAW story. And finally, First Comes Love by Emily Giffin... eh. Not my favorite-- found the characters SUPER entitled and annoying and self-serving. 

Up next in books? The Light Between Oceans, Modern Lovers, Eligible, and The Versions of Us. Books I am thinking about: Homegoing, The Hating Game, Truly Madly Guilty, and It Ends With Us.

I have ordered the ottoman that I wanted for the bar room TWICE from West Elm and it has been cancelled... twice. Back to square one. 

We just went to Portland and I was reminded how much I have come to depend on routine, sunshine, and wide open space. I have never been more grateful to be home. #denverforthewin

I have now done my second stitch fix and kept two things this time instead of just one (a gray cardigan to replace the one that i have had for NO JOKE 9 years, and a gorgeous soft burgundy sweater). The stylist is definitely starting to get me... which is helpful. I just need to find time to go shopping to start to layer these pieces in... after I find time to do anything else for myself. :) You know, in the mystical land where time stands still or there are 40 hours in a day. WHY AREN'T THERE 40 HOURS IN A DAY!? I think I have fixed this problem of not enough time. You're welcome. 

We've had an echo now for about 2 months and I am hooked. What did I ever do in my life without Alexa?!?