Monday Musings 008

I am loving this article by Emily Henderson that lists out 75 (seventy five!) affordable accent chairs. They are all under $500 and MANY of them were on my short list. Also check out her lighting resources and sleeper sofa roundups. Good stuff y'all. 

Modern paper napkins for your next party, cause who has time to wash cloth ones? 

Because I am always browsing, I came across this modern, $70 guest bed set up on JcPenny. Yeah. JCP. Still out there fighting the good fight. 

The dark blue chair from Macy's came and it is THE CHAIR to curl up in and read a book. Thank goodness. 

I've been slowly coming out of my "I don't care what I look like cause I have a newborn" phase, and have been slowly adding things to my beauty wishlist/orders from Amazon, cause I am still a mom that has no time to go to the mall. I have been nearly or totally paraben free for about 8 years and so most, if not all things, on this list will not have parabens. Here's what I am digging:

We also got this dog crate for Skip... cause he is a jerk... who pees now... indoors. 

And finally... tomorrow I am showing you pictures of the living room furnished... for now. :) Yay.