Technology for the New House

Since we got possession of the new house today (!!!), the very first things on our to-do list are to get the technology set up. All pictures are linked! 

The Nest

I've posted before about the nest and our love for it still runs deep. The hard part about this new house? We need two of them. Le sigh. The upside? Upgraded Nest!

Bluetooth Deadbolt

In that same previous techie post, I posted about our Kevo Lock. We still love that one, but we are going to give this bad boy a try this time. Kevo appears to only work for i-phones that have downloaded the Kevo app. With the new lock, we are hoping to have a numerical code that can be given out to non-techie folks too (and then changed when needed). 

Nest Cameras

We have had three of these for over a year now and I love them so much. Besides the security video that they provide, we get to capture fun family moments that otherwise might have been missed. Lyla rolling over for the first time is one example. The biggest use they get though is the answer to the ever-asked question of, "What time did she go down?" We can pull up the video and look to see when the last motion was. We use this in her room along with a traditional monitor. It's great. We love it. (The most cost effective way to buy these is in a three pack for $500. At $200 each, you save $100 with the bundle pack.)

HUE Lighting

This one is brand new to LB and I, but he got a crazy deal on a starter kit of these and I am pumped to try it out. "Set the room to relaxation mode." Yes please! I will report back with how they work/if we use it ASAP. 

What techie things do you use to make your home more functional? I can't imagine life without a nest thermostat or techie deadbolt. #realtalk

PS: While not technically, technology for the home, I started a new pinterest board to keep track of all our new house purchases so you can get a feel for the visualization. Once on the new furniture starts be delivered/put together/put in place, I will link directly from that post/page/house tour to the furniture source so that you can "shop our house."