Monday Musings 001

To bring back some more consistency on this blog, I wanted to do a weekly post about the random things I have been musing about lately. Fridays are hit and miss, and Mondays are just sometimes so blah, that I figured a little Monday Musing goodness could be the way to go. 

So, here are some topics on my mind:

This article from 2014, chock full of terrifying statistics pertaining to African-Americans in this country. Facts are so powerful. I posted on my Instagram where my heart is at this time. I am here. I am listening. I am with you. I am heartbroken for you. Please don't meet hate with hate. True change has to come from a place of love-- love is the source of all the power in the world. 

From Glennon at Momastery

"We do know that the solution to violence is not more violence. We know that. My beloved warriors: we have to be careful today. We have to be the change we want to see in the world. We need to be tender, gentle, calm. We need to be the highest, best versions of ourselves today. Our very best selves is what today requires of us.
My friend and Love Warrior Valarie Kaur last night said: 'What we do and say right now matters. Will we respond with hate and fear? or shared grief and love? Ending cycles of violence starts with us in word and deed.'
Today, let's breathe and grieve and hold each other's hearts tenderly. Please, today let us love."

Poor Ryan Reynolds. LOL

LOL. Is this Ryan Gosling approved?

Per my previous Gilmore Girls post, I am loving all of these conspiracy articles about who Rory ends up with. #teamlogan (I know. Not a popular choice. Pretty much as long as it isn't Dean.)

A happy cell phone case

Saw Me Before You after reading the book and cried my eyeballs out. Was cathartic because I also read the sequel book and kept thinking, "At least I know she is ok-ish later." #thesearentrealpeople

So obsessed with this lamp and at $27, it's a steal. 

Too pretty for words file cabinet

I read SweetBitter and HATED it. So dark and twisted-ly weird and this is from someone who LOVES food and used to work in a kitchen very similar to this one. I am about halfway through I Woke Up Dead At the Mall and am loving it. Very YA and kitschy but enjoying it. One True Loves is next up on the book list because I loved Maybe in Another Life

Modern? Organization? Affordable? For keys?!? Come to me my pretties