May 2015 Debt Update

Yikers. It's been a while. Sorry everybody. I've just really lacked inspiration and motivation for while now... that's not to say that the wheels haven't been turning, but we just haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. We have, however, been diligently and s    l    o    w    l    y   chipping away at our debt. We are down to our last credit card. Our very, very last one. The last time I updated y'all in (cough cough) January we stood here:

January 2015 Debt

And now, at the beginning of May we are here:

May debt

A difference of $1,713.

I am actually pretty proud of this progress since we removed the wall, built a fence, installed crown molding, and painted the trim in the meantime as well. All with cash. All without going further into debt. Go Team Bennett. So here is the plan: this card is getting paid off this month. We are going to live like paupers (not really, but kind of), tighten the purse strings, and dump every extra penny to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY be out of debt.

Considering that we started with $17,000 in credit card debt in the fall of 2013, we feel SUPER DUPER #Blessed and annoyingly so. Stay tuned for June people. It's gonna be rockus.