A Linky Roundup

Here's what I have been reading and finding and doing lately. ITCHING to get organized like woah with these free printables.

I need to learn photoshop. Just need to. That way if I think I can use a free version in the future it would matter because I would know what the heck I am doing. I also need to get better at taking pictures cause I really enjoy doing it and it's fun and all that.

Loving this as an idea to upgrade the desk in my office. That beast was perfect for law school, but I don't need it anymore.

Reading the Skimm on my daily commute in and loving how I already feel like I am more aware of the world around me.

I am wondering where I can put this bench in my life.

I finished Girl on the Train. It was a little slow at the beginning, but the twisty ending was twistastic.

Next up on the book list/for the honeymoon!?

one lavendar station storied

Still waiting on that couch to show up...

But got the rug down!

Been brainstorming like crazy for the upstairs bathroom reno. I am so indecisive RE: this marble issue.

Loving this dresser makeover especially considering that LB has one of these dressers and it is ugly.

I am 99% sure Bachelor Chris is going to pick Whitney and their children's voices will be combination of dolphins and high-pitched dog toy squeeks.

This blog is just pretty.

I plan to reveal the finished wall removal next week. We. Have. So. Much. Painting. To. Do.

Wishing I could buy a Tuff Shed for the backyard just rightnowthisminute.

I really want to buy these, but I have got to try them on first!