Cleaning on Up!

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Cause our covered porch in the backyard had gotten out. of. control. I really don't know how that happened. But it just sort of happened. LB brought all of his car cleaning stuff out and it stayed out. We gave the dogs baths and brought their crap out, we have no garage, and we have two bikes. I just don't know what else to say, but... look. IMG_1518


So we scurried our booties over to HD and picked up a vertical shed. I can't seem to find this exact one on their website, but it was on display in the store. The box, laughably, said that the construction time for this bad boy would be 15 minutes... two hours later, it was put together. While LB got this thing put together, I vacuumed the entire driveway and back porch. The leaf situation mandated it. I also vacuumed out the window wells to the basement that are by the driveway. You ever vacuumed leaves with a shopvac? It is actually sort of therapeutic. You suck them up and they are GONE-- no wind worries, no disposal worries. #thelittlethings

Anyway, back to the shed... The size is great for our back porch because it is tall and sits pretty close to the wall.



Speaking of the wall, I caulked all around the base of the back porch with my cement caulk to seal everything up. You can kind of see it in that picture above, but here is a super riveting, close-up look at my caulking action.

sealing back porch

I also sealed up the wood posts where I could along the front of the deck. LB and I both agree that we want to pressure wash the snot out of this backyard and pretty much the rest of the house. That will probably be a next year project, but we're pumped to see the space looking fresher... even with a bug zapper. (Denver peeps: can we just be done with these CRAZY rain storms!? They are bringing bugs and I don't like it!).


What cleaning demons has summer demanded you exercise? Does anyone have a genius storage solution for those bikes?

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