June 2014 Budgeting & Debt Update

(*I am aware that this is personal. That people get squimish laying their money woes out for the world. For me, part of this process of having a healthier relationship with money, is being honest about where I am. To see my other posts on our money journey click here.) Are y'all ready to rumble?!? Rumble with debt? Cause I sure am! Here's where we were at the start of May:

May Debt Update

And NOW, about half way through June, here's where things sit:

June Debt Update

We knocked off $725 of credit card debt in the last 6 weeks! Can I get a WOOP WOOP!??? Alright three of them? WOOP!

We did this with a road trip thrown in there and untold amounts of unexpected wedding expenses and delays. I get that this is slow progress... but slow progress is still MAJOR progress. If we zoom all the way back to September when we started this journey we had

$14,400 in credit card debt alone!

To see that number down to


means that since September we have paid off


To say that I am proud of us is an understatement.

Let's be clear here folks: we've gotten off track with our other funds and savings goals this last month. I haven't stuck to my spreadsheet like I should and am using my card more and cash less (not good). We're bleeding money as the wedding gets closer, and we might have to dip into our emergency fund to close out paying cash for the wedding. But here is the beauty in our failures and missteps: WE HAVE A DAMN EMERGENCY FUND! What the what? It's not all panic trying to figure out which credit card we can whack this money on. I am excited to see this credit card nonsense be behind us and us have so much more freedom for saving and freaking living.

What is your proudest money moment in the first half of 2014 thus far? And yeah... shocker. 2014 is already half-done. How the... Savvy Southern Style