House Stalking! Austin Part 2

The entire purpose behind LB and I's trip to Austin was to pick up a truck (and to eat our faces off). The guy who we bought it from couldn't have been nicer or more willing to let me house crash his bachelor pad along the river/lake (with no water in it) in Austin.This garage/apartment combo sits next door to the house that originally came with the property. The original house is actually getting torn down and rebuilt by Stuart. (I think I am going to have to make a trip down there JUST to photograph the new house). He told LB and I that he had a designer come in and help him with the space, and it shows!

First up: the exterior: As you can see, this garage with the apartment above is HUGE. (We bought the GIANT truck on the right and so far are happy with it.) 20140527-131256-47576849.jpg Back behind the cars in the garage is his workout space complete with a flat screen and a carpeted area. 20140527-131257-47577589.jpg In the far left of the garage are stairs that take you up the bachelor pad. This lovely light fixture greets you up the stairs. 20140527-131301-47581121.jpg As you reach the top of the stairs, you look right and EUREKA! Modern bachelor pad heaven. Now, ignore the mess (he had no idea some crazy lady with a camera was going to come house stalk his house...), and focus on the decor. I LOVE the color of the kitchen cabinets; that light blue is awesome in such a masculine place. With the light grey walls and blue cabinets, the space actually felt pretty light, as opposed to modern and heavy. I also adore that giant standing lamp. 20140527-131258-47578277.jpg And can we just pause on this chair!???? I makes me wanna take a nap. 20140527-131259-47579714.jpg This gem of a light fixture sits over the living room and Stuart swore that beyond looking cool, it actually works to circulate air. 20140527-131258-47578967.jpg The couch obviously gets its own special mention since I have never seen anything like it before: the color or the back with the "posts." 20140527-131300-47580445.jpg And finally a zoomed in shot of the gorgeous granite that was in the kitchen. It just really played off of the blue and grays in the room and pulled everything together. 20140527-131302-47582600.jpg What a surprisingly awesome space right!? Seen any "warm modern" spaces lately? I'd love to hear about them.

PS: I had no idea that Austin looked like this in the hill country!?