Store Stalking Sundays: Target Edition

I remember a time when Target was like K-Mart... Where you didn't walk in there in and want to spend at LEAST $200 and when it wasn't also a grocery store. But now, I get a ton of design inspiration from walking their aisles... and typically with a Starbucks in hand that I bought right next to the popcorn and pizzas. Here's what is catching  my eye this week:

These outdoor chairs in fun colors could jazz up either a backyard table or a front porch. I could see two blue ones with a black in the middle on my porch. At $55, they're a pretty good buy.


I want this tin star thing for the front of my house. Period. Love the color, and love the look. Anywhere outdoors would look amazing... it would even look awesome on my fence! 20140502-160312.jpg

Do I need a $20 watering can? No. But is this watering can amazingly cute or what? The WOODEN HANDLES!!!!! EEEEEKS. 20140502-160319.jpg

I don't know where this bench would go in my house currently, but I certainly LOVE it. $100 seems a little pricey, but me-thinks it will go on sale soon-ish... plus, this is a total DIY if you could find the right fabric. 20140502-160326.jpg

THE POUFS!!! We registered for two of these exact ones and I have almost bought them about 7 times. 20140502-160344.jpg

AND LOOK! When you sit on them, they don't collapse!!! AMAZING! 20140502-160356.jpg

Target has a whole new SLEW of stools in fun colors, textures and design styles. I could totally see three of these yellow ones at my fake island that lives in the kitchen/living room of my imagination. 20140502-160403.jpg

These two chairs are basically made for my living room currently. LB has vetoed any more patterns in the living room because of the rug, but I think one of these with a solid color could still work. I like the side chairs we have picked out instead, but I had a honing beacon type response to the marriage of these two colors. They are my jam. 20140502-160415.jpg I mean... IMG_0348

Sheet sets! As part of re-doing the master bedroom slowly, I am digging these two sheet sets at Target. The first was SUPER SOFT and the pure white I am really going for. At $99 it's not a super great deal. 20140502-160433.jpg

This set is a little busier, but at $35 and for a spare, IT WOULD BE ADORB! 20140502-160440.jpg

I love the bright pops of color and flowers on these pillows for life and anywhere. (Throw pillows make me a hoarder). 20140502-160452.jpg

What have you seen out and about this week? What's your weakness at Target? To see the other Store Stalking Sunday posts, well, click here.