DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

Have you ever checked out how much it is to rent a Photo Booth? No? Well, it's somewhere between "expensive" and the "price of your first-born child." I knew from the beginning of this wedding planning journey that I was not going to pay to rent one. I have pinned about 679 different ideas for Photo Booth backdrops and decided to settle for something cheap and simple. It also didn't hurt that it was a project my MIL could help with from afar. I shipped her the card stock and the circle punch I had on hand. She cut alllllll of these circles & shipped them back. And yes, I labeled the baggies. :)IMG_0139 I then taped down this thin ribbon I got from Joanne's and started hot gluing. IMG_0140


I finished one string of it and then lovingly packed it all up in a bag to send to my friend Jay who has volunteered to do the other 13-15 strands. IMG_0142 I didn't want to make it super long because I hope that people are taller than 3 feet. We also are kicking around a few ideas of how to attach it to the wall where the "booth" is going to be. So far, I think we are going to use a thicker ribbon and tack it to the wall in the saloon. Otherwise, we will have to build a PVC pipe stand. If we do the PVC thing, then I think we will end up doing fabric on the PVC pipes with the circles in front of it. Either way, the end goal is that it will look something like this. Not bad for a project that cost all of $15. I'll be back with a review of Jay's work as soon as she's done.

UPDATE: She did awesome and I sewed all of those strands together:


PSSSST: The photobooth backdrop is now on sale on Etsy!!!!!