House List Mania

So... have I mentioned lately that I love lists? (If you have missed these posts, check em out here). This is the list that I put together from the inspection report and then the projects that LB and I have prioritized to get done. I feel like this will be a good way to keep us accountable and more importantly, to see the progress with the little things!

  1. Exhaust Fans: Exhaust fan in main level bathroom discharges directly into the attic. Vent should be extended to exterior through roof deck to avoid moisture accumulation and related damage in attic. Basement bathroom: same deal.
  2. Windows: get condensation removed from 4 windows.
  3. Furnace: Furnace be serviced and cleaned. Seal white tape on duct near ceiling behind water heater. Replace insulation on refrigerant tube. Clean duct work. 1/10/14: got these two to-do's knocked out on the day we closed after a very interesting encounter with a Russian man.
    1. Furnace Eventually: Replace furnace and make sure that fire safety block be installed at the cutout around the vent at the ceiling to enhance fire safety. Also, the vent is too close to and touch the wood roof deck in the attic. Min. 1 inch clearance is required for fire safety.
  4. Water Heater: (eventually) Replace water heater; have the discharge pipe from the TPR valve be lengthened to floor drain in laundry room.
  5. Laundry: Upgrade ribbed foil discharge vent to metal discharge vent. Clean behind the dryer
  6. Plumbing/Bathrooms: Minor leakage is occurring at junction of cold water supply to faucet at bathtub in main level bathroom. Leakage is visible in bottom panel on wall at stairs to basement. Area of leakage was marked with blue tape. Hire plummer to fix water pressure. 12/30/13: Plummer is coming to fix!
  7. Drain hose from dishwasher under sink on main elevated. Secure spout on faucet in basement bathroom. Caulk basement bathroom. Tile basement bathroom. Tighten pedestal sink in basemen
  8. Sewer: Call number to have sewer cleaned with chemicals.
  9. A/C Unit: Clean exterior condenser to enhance airflow
  10. Electrical: Upgraded main circuit breaker panel is located at exterior rear of house. Service is minimal at 100 amps, 240 volts. Service upgrade to at least 200 amps to ensure circuit overload: tripping of main breaker does not occur if circuits are operating under full load.
    1. GFCI device with test-reset button at outlet on left side and 2 outlets at right side of kitchen sink do not function properly. Devices do not trip when load is applied. May be due to missing ground wire.
    2. Outlets should be grounded as a safety measure.
    3. Original non grounded 2 prong outlets noted at following outlets. Recommend outlets and associated wiring be upgraded with 3 prong grounded outlets and wiring to enhance safety
    4. 50 amp and 40 amp breakers in main breaker panel for ranges main level and basement are wired using # 10 gage wire. Condition is unusual. Larger # 8 or 6 gage wire is normally used to avoid possible overheating of wires and enhance fire safety. Length of wire run between breaker panel and outlets for ranges may allow use of noted 10 gage wire. Condition should be reviewed and repaired, if needed, by a licensed electrician prior to closing to ensure safety Taken care of by sellers!
    5. Tighten loose outlet at rear wall in basement bedroom
  11. Lighting: Change out florescent light at top of stairs. Change out florescent light in kitchen with either this or this.
  12. Roofing: Exposed nail heads at outer edges and other places should be sealed with roofing cement to minimize potential for water penetration and related damage. Loose-separated flashing between carport roof and house at front and rear and other places should be properly secured and sealed with roofing cement as needed to prevent water penetration and related damage. Squirrel damage at wood trim near front should be repaired as well.
  13. Exterior/Siding:
    1. Siding: Cracked chipped areas at scattered places can be sealed and or painted to minimize further damage. Gable vent at south side. Windows at north side.
    2. Minor common settling cracks exist in concrete foundation at left front north side and other areas. Cracks can be sealed with caulk to minimize water penetration and further damage.
    3. Split band joist with areas of minor deterioration at outer edge of rear patio cover should be filled with appropriate product to avoid water penetration and further damage.
    4. Recommend buyer install rigid water proof covers to basement window wells at carport and others as a safety measure and to minimize water accumulation adjacent to the foundation.
  14. GUTTER: Gutters should be cleaned to ensure proper drainage. Recommend buyer install, lengthen or reposition extenders where missing or improperly positioned to ensure water discharges away from foundation and minimize potential damage and penetration into basement.
  15. Outdoors: build wooden fence. Purchase doggie compost. 12/31/13: got this bad boy ordered
  16. Cosmetic Changes Immediately:
    1. Paint all of upstairs. 1/14/14: Check here for painting progress.
    2. Upgrade countertops using this Rustoleum Product (purchased from Home Depot for $100): 1/26/14: We got the first step done yesterday and I will be writing a full post on this soon!
    3. Paint upstairs kitchen cabinets white. Will need this: Elmer’s ProBond Professional Strength Wood Filler. This: 60 grit paper followed by 200 grit paper. This: Next Liquid Deglosser. And this: Zinsser’s Smart Prime (a super high quality low-VOC primer sold at our local Benjamin Moore store that was recommended by two different pro cabinet painters). This: Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint in Cloud Cover or Decorators White in a satin finish. This: 2" angled brush & foam roller.
    4. Make/purchase curtains.