Dexter Finale: Don't Read if You Haven't Watched!

Spoilers below...So an era has ended. No more love able serial killer wandering around Miami making the world right. While this last season was a disappointment (slow plot with weird side plots that never were really developed, no big bad that Dexter was chasing all season) I thought the ending was appropriately infuriating. What really just pissed me off was that Dexter abandoned Harrison and Hannah because he believes that he can't love them without destroying them. While this is true, he had a real shot to be happy with Hannah and the writers instead chose to have him fake a death (a cowardly move for dexter) and move to hell-- from the looks of it, Oregon/Washington where the depressing weather matches Dexters now depressing life. Further, what was the whole Quinn plot about? He just never says anything to Dexter? He doesn't have suspicions anymore? Wtf. I thought at least he'd be on to Dex and if he was supposed to be blinded by his grief over Deb, well, that plot was not developed AT ALL.

However, as mad as I was at the ultimate end for Dexter, I loved the end between he and Deb. When he says to her in his broken hearted voice, "I'm your big brother, I can't leave you here like this..." I just lost it. Ugly cry and all. And when he took her out to his spot to bury her... Ugh. Heartbreaking.

This show was awesome all in all. When you have a season like the one with Trinity, who can blame you for just being mediocre in your last push. Dexter, you were brilliant, you'll be missed.