Yes! I have waited for months and months for this trip and I am so pumped that it is finally here! We leave tomorrow afternoon and I could not be more excited. It is crazy to me how nervous I get in conjunction with my excitement. I am working to try and settle those nerves before we leave but given the last 24 hours and the next 24 hours, settling still seems a bit of a long way away. Ugh. Today-

7:00 am -- arrive at the prison

11:00 am-- get back home after teaching women prisoners for three hours

1:30 pm--finish reading criminal procedure and head to Starbucks to figure out why they charged me $80 to reload my Starbucks card.

2:35 pm-- Corporations class

4:25 pm-- get home and pack, then walk to school

6:00 pm-- Criminal Procedure

7:00 pm-- sneak out of Crim Pro early and get picked up by Ashley to go to City o City and meet with TFA people INCLUDING DMO!

Late: stay out and catch up with David before crashing in my bed so hard .



SOMEHOW: intern at the court, finish packing, apply for a serving job at True Food, and get to the airport. GEESH!