Excitement... contained... for now

At the end of the day, I am a girl. A girly girl at that. Even though I don't like to shower more than 3 times a week (it's so much effort!), I still love to get dressed up and be girly. I also have girly dreams for my life. Getting married is obviously one of them. Yesterday, our friend Chris, who is making our ring for us, texted to ask me to get my ring size. So LB and I went to the mall and actually shopped for engagement rings. He was actually asking questions about rings. Honestly, 6 months ago I don't think that we would have even been able to have a conversation about doing this. I can sense that he is getting excited to take this next step and I am as well. However. However, I am still stepping back on a daily basis and writing down what was the happiest moment of my day. 90% of the time they are moments that I got to share with LB. Yesterdays though was having Adam (fiance to one of my Lauren friends) make us dinner at their house. He is a chef. He is incredibly talented. He is wonderful... well they both are. It was good friends and excellent food. He make some sort of orange juice infused pork (WHAT!?) and this pasta with a Gouda and something else cheese sauce. It was mind-blowing. I even cheated and ate some of the cheese sauce. IT LITERALLY melted in my mouth. Gosh I get distracted with food.

However, I am still working on LB and I's relationship and it is at such a good place. We are goofier than ever with each other and that is when we are the happiest. So, I will continue to contain my excitement and display my goofiness at every turn. I just enjoy this man so much in the day to day... that is where we are excellent together. Thus, excitement, contained, for now.