Quick Movie and Food Reviews

Movie: On Saturday, LB suggested that we grill out and go see Moonrise Kingdom. Typically, Wes Anderson movies are not my bag (never have made it through Royal Tannebaums). This movie however, was precious, funny, and moving.  The general premise is that this quirky, lovable little boy is an orphan who falls in love with a misunderstood little girl and then "run away."  What seems like a silly little romance is just so fun for me to watch because it reminds me how real all of those things are to the kiddos in our lives. Also, as someone who is constantly feeling more and more like a orphan, it touched a really raw and wonderfully painful place for me.

Food (it seems like we are always eating BBQ):

Jim and Nicks BBQ in Stapleton: beans are wonderful and the cheesy biscuits rival Red Lobsters, but they have the added bonus of a honey glaze (DELISH!). The highlight--the wings. Juicy, just the right amount of spice and fantastic even without dipping them in sauce. The other BBQ food, brisket and pulled pork, really werent anything to write home about.