In the Middle of the Night

I go walking in my sleep and look for cute drawer pulls.The current ones are not cute... at all. I can't decide if they are more like nipples or just gross gold things. I am leaning towards describing them as "not cute too small for the scale of the drawers knobs."  The  nipples designation might be saved for a later time.  And yes, I just said nipples TWICE on my blog. It's like 2 degrees outside and the oxygen to my brain is cut off. Back to the reason we are here: these nightstands that LB got from the thrift store looked like this...


We chalk painted them and added feet to them and now they look like this:


As you can see... the pulls just don't work. Aren't you so glad I didn't say nipples again... oops. I set about on a great adventure to find pulls that would actually DO something for the space. Wouldn't you know it... I found them in a This Old House magazine and they were running a 20% off special for readers of the most nerdy magazine of life. So for $30 I ordered Stamped Steel Bin Pulls with a Black Lacquer Finish. That sounds fancy, but what it means is I ordered black pulls that are curved and more substantial than the nipple pulls... dang it. Did it again. Sorry.

nightstand hardware

They showed up and looked adorable...


LB then got this handy dandy hardware spacer thing to make the pull holes line up evenly on each one. It hangs over the lip of the drawer and has pre-measured distances that you can note from the original pull hole.  This is all very confusing, but basically, it helps you align hardware on things and is really great. IMG_3730 IMG_3732

It may look like LB is owning this hardware installation, but the screws that came with these pulls were HORRIBLE. At least three of them broke off in the drawer and when trying to screw everything into place with soft ridic screws, LB scratched up one of the pulls.  This was a supposedly easy project that was not easy at all really. IMG_3733

Once it is not nighttime, I'll be back with an update bedroom tour, but for now these nightstands are certainly looking a lot better...