Ella is One!?

How time flies. Just 6 months ago I took this little peanut's six month pictures and now she is a whole, big, giant, year old! This shoot was a little different because it was 20 degrees outside, but I loved the opportunity to shoot this adorable family in their home. I also was able to mess around with a few photoshop actions and well, I still know nothing. I must say that looking back on Ella's first shoot, I have either improved a lot or my subjects are just getting better looking with age. Regardless, here are some of my favorites of this spunky kiddo who LOVES to wave at squirrels. IMG_5310

Just chillin' in my chair.




IMG_5280  IMG_5220 IMG_5189

IMG_5116IMG_5188 IMG_5158 IMG_5149

Hilarious. She looks like a "lower case g."

IMG_5140 IMG_5138  IMG_5072

Happy birthday peanut!


Pearl Street Winterfest

Jay asked me if I could come along with them to a winterfest to try and grab some pictures of her family.  I obliged and a few of the shots I snagged ended up making an appearance on their too cute for words Christmas card. This girl is so adorable.

IMG_3832 IMG_3860

This little guy is so busy! Thank goodness I was able to capture his smiley face.  Typically he is cruising around so fast that getting that adorb face on film is rough. IMG_3863 IMG_3887 IMG_3896

We met up with some of their friends at the market and their little munchkins had the cutest little faces too! It was a kiddo overload; between Jay and Ben's two peanuts and this family's three munchkins, I was a picture taking fool.  IMG_3920 IMG_3946 IMG_3954

LB even brought our kiddo along.  Mr. Walter was a farmer's market champ.  IMG_3930

This family of 4 is just too cute (Jay, Ben, Levi and Jagger).  Baby Jagger came into this big ol world in September and is just so little and sweet.  IMG_3966 IMG_3972

Thanks for letting me hang out y'all.