Podcasts and TV: Watch and Listen

This is what happens when your kid goes to bed at 6 pm and you have some quality commuting time: you read, listen, and watch a lot of stuff.


I am a podcast freak. Le freak, se chic. I HIGHLY doubt that those are the right words to the le freak masterpiece. I am listing my favorite podcasts (all available FOR FREE in the iTunes podcast app) in no particular order.

  • Call Your Girlfriend: feminism 101. Looking for an introduction into the mind of Treana? Scary. This podcast is it.
  • Dear Sugar: their recent episode about choosing to be estranged from your parents made me feel all the feels about all of the feels. Great listen to try to understand the complicated and hard fought choices folks like me make.
  • Gilmore Guys: cracks my shit up. They are almost done recapping Bunheads, and I am going to miss them so much.
  • Crimetown: investigative podcast into the Rhode Island mob. Gangster and super well done.
  • Chris Loves Julia: just sweetie bloggers talking about home stuff. They are lighthearted and make me smile.
  • Recode Decode: ever wanted an inside look into Silicon Valley and the tech world? This is it. It's great.
  • From the heart: Yoga Girl's podcast. So far, so good. It's still new, but I am enjoying getting to know her as a momma.
  • My Favorite Murder: a comedy podcast about murders. Gotta be in the right mind space, but it's hilariously great.

TV... Recently:

I watch a crap ton of TV. It's ridiculous. But I really do love TV. Sorry not sorry.

  • Big Little Lies: loved it... along with the entire rest of the damn universe.
  • 13 Reasons Why: controversy aside, so moving and impactful. BE NICE TO OTHER PEOPLE, people. I don't think that high schoolers should watch this. That is my opinion and I am not a parent to a high schooler, but it graphically depicts sexual assault and suicide.
  • Girls: the series just ended and it was so fantastic.
  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: just got picked up by Amazon for two seasons-- the pilot was INCREDIBLE.
  • Billions: Paul Giamatti (sp? too lazy to google) drives me a little nuts, but LB and I watch it together and it's good.
  • OJ FX Series: we just finished episode 1, so the jury is still out. I didn't mean for that to be a pun but man, that was good.

So. What are you all watching and listening to?

Truly curiously yours,