Is This Thing On?

No excuses for how delayed I am to getting back to the ol blog. But suffice it to say: life with a baby and two full-time working parents and a political climate that has caused me more stress and anxiety than I ever thought possible and here we are. So here's what is going to happen around here now:

  • In real life, I curse like a fucking sailor. I have always edited this up for the blog because you know- I am a mom, a wife, a lawyer, a grown-up, a sort of Buddhist/Christian/Yogi/Spiritual person. But screw it. This is going to become unedited stream of consciousness style writing that will mimic what I actually sound like in real life, when I am not around tiny humans (and sometimes, even then). The F word is just powerful and as an educated woman, I just... well, I just can't let that wonderful word go. That's me: warts, swear words and all.
  • I am going to try to post as much as I can, but only when something truly interesting is happening in my life or my house. And yeah- I am going to brag about my kid cause that girl is freaking awesome and I am obsessed with her.
  • I am in a house that is much bigger and costing me much more in time and money to maintain than I ever thought. Given that reality, renovations have been slooooooooowwwwwwww going. I plan to do a lot more planning around here to get thoughts down instead of showing transformed spaces like we did with our First House.
  • I am going to give you lists of stuff that I find interesting: podcasts, books, music, TV, movies. It's all happening. And I am not really doing it for you I suppose. I like to keep track of things that I have found interesting or moving over the years. It's fun. Sue me. (please don't).
  • I recently fucked my hair up. Not terribly, but it is causing me some serious consternation. (Not necessarily an ongoing thing, but on my mind).
Here is looks fine- blonde-ish. In person, I just... I don't even know.

Here is looks fine- blonde-ish. In person, I just... I don't even know.

So that's me, checking back in. I am already working on my post to bring you by the end of this week- so look at me. Two posts in a week... things are happening people. THINGS. ARE. HAPPENING.